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Meghalaya poised to break previous voter turnout records in upcoming Lok Sabha polls: CEO BDR Tiwari

The chief electoral officer of Meghalaya, BDR Tiwari on Saturday expressed confidence that the state will surpass all previous voter turnout percentages in the upcoming Lok Sabha election.
Meghalaya is set to vote for its two Lok Sabha seats, Shillong and Tura, in the first phase of polling on April 19. The state has a total of 22.27 lakh voters, with female voters outnumbering males, totalling 11.27 lakh compared to 11 lakh male voters.
The CEO of Meghalaya mentioned that the last Lok Sabha election in 2019 witnessed a 71.42 per cent voter turnout but this time around, they anticipate around “80 per cent voting in Meghalaya”.

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